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Gun-toting road rage suspect yields 3 more guns

THE former police officer who pulled out a gun on a cyclist during a road confrontation is no longer allowed to own and carry firearms.

The Philippine National Police Civil Security Group announced the revocation of the License To Own and Possess Firearm, Firearm Registration, and Permit To Carry Firearms Outside Residence of the gun-toting individual, earlier identified as Wilfredo Gonzales. 

In a press statement, Civil Security Group Acting Director Brig. Gen. Benjamin Silo Jr. said it took action following the identification and verification of an individual who drew his firearm, loaded, and pointed it towards an unarmed cyclist near Welcome Rotonda on August 8.

“The PNP, specifically the Firearms and Explosives Office revoked  LTOPF, Firearm Registration and PTCFOR  of the said individual,” Silo said. 

PNP-Firearms and Explosives Office Director Brig. Gen. Kenneth Lucas said police have taken four guns from Gonzales.

These consist of a three .45 firearms, and a 9 mm pistol. Another firearm was deposited at the Quezon City Police District after the traffic incident and would be turned over to the PNP-FEO, said Lucas.

Silo, meanwhile, reminded all licensed citizens to be “responsible gun owners at all times.” 

“The possession and ownership of firearms are not absolute rights but rather a privilege. The PNP reserves the authority to revoke LTOPF, Firearm Registration and PTCFOR, especially in cases where there are grounds for revocation and cancellation,” he said.

He said the PNP’s priority is to keep the public safe and maintain the integrity of the licensure system. 

“The PNP emphasizes the significance of responsible gun ownership in creating a safe and secure environment for all citizens,” he said.

In a press conference on Sunday, Gonzales addressed the viral video of his confrontation with a cyclist said it was wrong for him to pull out his gun, but also said he did not point it at the cyclist. 

He said he had voluntarily left his gun at the police station where he and the cyclist were brought so that he could think about whether he still wants to own a firearm or not.