Departing foreign residents urged to process re-entry permits in BI offices

BUREAU of Immigration (BI) officials at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) advised residents in the country who plan to spend Chinese New Year abroad to process their re-entry fees in any of the BI’s offices prior to departure.

BI Port Operations Division Chief Atty. Carlos Capulong said that the advice follows the expected surge in the volume of travelers, lining up to secure their re-entry fees at the immigration cashiers of the departure area of the three NAIA terminals.

“A significant number of them are Chinese residents in the country, who are flying out to spend the Chinese New Year abroad,” said Capulong. “It results in the build-up of passengers at the airport, which may be avoided if they secured their permits before going to the airport,” he added.

Under immigration laws, foreign nationals who are registered with the BI, holding valid immigrant and non-immigrant visas are required to secure exit, and re-entry permits every time they leave the country. This includes permanent residents, foreign students, and workers holding valid ACR I-cards.

According to Capulong, departing residents have an option to secure said permits at the airports or at any of BI’s offices nationwide.

Capulong shared that securing the permits beforehand decreases processing time for residents, giving passengers more time to relax before their flight.

He added that the BI has also a 24/7 One Stop Shop located at the NAIA Terminal 3, wherein departing passengers can secure their permits prior departure.

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