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Angono, 6th most competitive town

OF the country’s 1,498 municipalities, the town regarded as the country’s Art Capital has emerged 6th most competitive town in the country – notwithstanding its hard stance against industries deemed to pose a hazard on the environment.

In the National Competitiveness Council’s 2021 rankings, the lakeshore Municipality of Angono soared high on the four pillars generally considered as indicators of competitiveness – Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure, and Resiliency. Interestingly, being a competitive municipality isn’t something new for Angono, which formed part of the elite list of the country’s top 10 municipalities covering years 2017 and 2018.

Records reveal that in 2021, Angono’s dynamic economy compared to previous years showed consistent local economic growth, in which the gross sales of registered firms in Angono reached P14.777 billion and a total capitalization of newly registered businesses of P108.003 million.

On its structure of local economy, Angono LGU scored high on financial deepening, employment generation and productivity as the town remains well within the striking distance on other economic indicators which include local economy size, structure and growth.

Interestingly, Mayor Jeri Mae Calderon cited its economic policy embarking on ease of doing business and prioritization of local folks for manpower pooling behind its competitiveness. Other economic indicators cited include banks, microfinance firms, cooperatives, remittance centers, food chains, malls, and a long list of tourist art and nature destinations.

On government efficiency, Angono went beyond the government standards on health services, schools, security ratio, business registration efficiency, compliance to business permits and licensing standards, presence of Investment Promotion Unit (IPU), national directives, ratio of collected tax and revenues of the LGU and its social protection.

Angono, known as the Art Capital of the Philippines, is a five-time recipient of the prestigious Seal of Good Local Governance from the Department of Interior and the Local Government covering 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020.

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