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2024 budget briefings successfully completed in Congress

AKO Bicol Party List Rep. Elizaldy Co, Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, proudly announced the conclusion of the comprehensive budget briefings for the proposed 2024 General Appropriations Act (GAA). 

The Chairman commended the exhaustive efforts of his colleagues in the Appropriations Committee, as well as fellow congressmen, for their diligent scrutiny of the proposed budget. 

“We have taken significant strides towards finalizing the 2024 budget, which promises to be a landmark budget focused on national growth and the welfare of the Filipino people,” said Co. 

“I want to express my deep gratitude to my esteemed colleagues in the Appropriations Committee and the dedicated congressmen who have worked meticulously in reviewing and suggesting valuable inputs for the budget.” 

This year’s budget briefings have been marked by transparent and rigorous discussions, aiming to cover all sectors adequately and to meet the nation’s priorities. Various government agencies presented their budget proposals, after which the members of the Committee took turns scrutinizing the figures, questioning methodologies, and proposing amendments. 

The Chairman’s leadership was crucial in steering these discussions productively, setting a strict yet respectful tone for open dialogue. 

The Bicolano lawmaker emphasized the importance of timeliness in passing the budget to ensure that government programs and services do not experience any disruptions. 

“I remain committed to my promise to expedite the passage of the 2024 GAA. It is our moral and civic duty to ensure that the budget is enacted efficiently, but also effectively, so as to better serve our fellow Filipinos,” he stated. 

The next phase of the budget process involves consolidating all recommendations and amendments before it is brought for deliberation in the plenary.

Co assured his colleagues and the public that the Committee is working overtime to move forward in the legislative process. 

“The work is far from over, but the completion of these budget briefings marks a critical milestone in our journey towards a more prosperous and equitable Philippines,” Co concluded.